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"Social Stories Carol Gray Social Stories-Dave and Henry consumate their relationship"

A new teachers rough day.

Sandy let's her natural curiosity expand.

Ada begins to get a handle on things and has some play time.

A woman gets a free massage for her birthday... and things get hot.

Mitch gives turns the 54 year old coach into Trevor's sex slave, with his serum. This is a teen dominating a silver fox who was a sexual predator. (Not anymore!) If that's not your thing, skip & pick up the story at Chapter 5, (when posted) without losing the story. Written for a reade

...there is a dream that came true

A new teachers rough day.

Bess uses her mind control powers to make her parents discipline her, but has she gone too far?

Slutty teen saves her father's job by giving his boss a blowjob.